Douglas Dell, Crime Fiction Author, Southern Stories
Crime Fiction Author of Southern Stories
Douglas Dell, Author
JUNE 16, 2020 Robert Winchester is BACK!
Deep Within by Douglas Dell
Deep Within takes rogue journalist Robert Winchester into the dangerous and objectionable heart of one of the largest drug syndicates in the world where he fights to unveil the truth and help find justice for those caught in the crossfire of a drug war that has tainted and corrupted the life of those in the Deep South.
After a young couple is murdered in the Brown Springs backwoods, former journalist Robert Winchester returns to Florida, this time to dig a little deeper. When he stirs things up it begins to stink and the risks escalate. The trail runs hotter by the minute as one set of circumstances throws Robert back together with old friends and into the sights of one of the largest, most violent drug syndicates in the US.

This is the second book in the Robert Winchester Novel Series.
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AM: “The funny thing about The South,” says the narrator in the prologue to your debut novel, Deep and Dirty, “is that it’s pretty, an odd choice of word but highly practical, take away the disasters sitting on almost every other corner and you’ll notice nature has this way of battling human influence by blotting out […] read more

Robert Winchester abruptly parts life as an investigative journalist in New York City with no firm plans for the future. After inheriting his uncle’s home in the North Florida backwoods he uncovers the dirty secrets of a drug ring, three ritualistic murders and a sheriff’s department plagued by corruption and links to a powerful drug syndicate. Its far reaching tentacles suffocate a poor rural community that can ill-afford its presence. Winchester delves into the unfathomable depths of poverty, the cruelty of dependence and a vicious crime circle. The action is fast paced and shocking when the former city newshound comes head-to-head with the murderous and manipulative Captain Cocaine and his corrupt lieutenant.

About The Author
Douglas Dell spent four years in the Deep South uncovering the dirty secrets of a drug ring and its far reaching tentacles in a small rural community that could little afford its presence. Dell lives in Florida focusing on his writing of the Robert Winchester Series of books. Deep and Dirty is his first Novel. The second novel from the series Deep Within will be released on June 16, 2020!
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